Dexcel Pharma is focused on the

development of novel drug formulations

of known molecules and high complexity

generic formulations



Dexcel Pharma utilizes in-house formulation know-how and proprietary patented oral drug delivery technologies to develop high value branded and generic products.

The company leverages its regulatory expertise to enable new product development and identify niche product opportunities. Our broad industry experience allows us to foster global partnerships for development of new formulations technologies in various delivery methods.

Dexcel Pharma is advancing a carefully selected pipeline of new product developments which continues to expand over time.

Drug Delivery Technologies

Dexcel’s innovative culture has proven successful. Our company invented a number of patent-protected core drug delivery technologies. These include:

  • Fast Dissolving Micro-Based Tablets

    Unique compressible multi-unit system designed for rapid dissolving in the oral cavity with a delayed-release profile.


  • Zero Neutralized Delayed Release (ZNDR)

    Reversible neutralized enteric coating used on GI therapeutic areas, such as Dexcel’s proprietary formulation of Omeprazole Delayed Release Tablet


  • Periodontal Pocket Delivery System

    The technology utilized PerioChip® for the local release of an antiseptic agent using a unique biodegradable matrix

  • Preconcentrate Technology (PT)

    Soft gelatin capsules filled with liquid containing insoluble drugs. Used for Deximune® (Cyclosporine)

  • Coated Extended Release Technology

    Extended-release tablet-coating formulation, comprising specific mixture of polymers surrounding controlled-release core. Used in ViePax® XR (Venlafaxine extended-release tablet)

  • Biodegradable Polymers

    A line of products for the treatment of various infections at target locations based on biodegradable polymers for improved efficacy and safety over injectable


We are seeking new opportunities for in-licensing novel developments, collaborating on new drug delivery technologies, entering into new commercial agreements in core markets, out licensing branded and generic products and in house development. Contact us