A biodegradable periodontal chip releasing 2.5mg Chlorhexidine Gluconate over a period of 10 days

Novel OTC formulation

Novel Formulation of a well-known US OTC Brand

Omeprazole DR Tablets

Proprietary Delayed Release Tablet Formulation of Omeprazole OTC

Complex Injectable

Complex injectable product equivalent to a well-known brand in the oncology field; Co-developed with CSPC Pharma

ViePax® XR
(Venlafaxine XR tablets)

Proprietary Extended Release Tablet formulation bioequivalent to capsule Effexor XR capsules

Strategic Investments

Dexcel Pharma makes selective strategic

investments in biopharma companies with

complementary strategies and unique approach

to innovation in our industry

Roivant Sciences

Roivant Sciences is a unique biopharmaceutical firm dedicated to realizing the full value of promising drug candidates by advancing them from late-stage clinical development to commercialization.