Bringing creativity to world markets

Dexcel Pharma® is synonymous with innovation. We excel at identifying opportunities and patient needs and then developing and commercializing real value-add products. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities.

Strong, long-lasting partnership

We continue to build our growing international network of quality partners, and look forward to uniting with new partners for future success


Driven by Innovation

Dexcel Pharma® strives to meet the unmet needs of patients by applying innovative R&D in all areas of the Pharma value chain and exploiting unique capabilities with complex formulations and sophisticated regulatory strategies

Quality from start to finish

All Dexcel Pharma® sites deploy state-of-the-art equipment and are highly automated to ensure uncompromising quality

Global Reach

Dexcel Pharma® is a truly global enterprise, with over 80% of sales generated abroad. We are committed to long-term growth, entering new markets and constantly enhancing our product line


Dexcel Pharma is focused on the development of novel and proprietary formulations of existing  molecules and high complexity generic formulations


We believe that strong manufacturing capabilities are part of our core business. All our sites use state of the art equipment and are highly automated in order to ensure the highest level of quality

Omeprazole Delayed Released Tablet

Dexcel Pharma’s proprietary formulation of Omeprazole 20mg Delayed Release tablet was launched in March 2008 as the first OTC store brand equivalent to Prilosec OTC®. This high quality, value saving alternative has been the market leader since launch.

Through an exclusive partnership with Perrigo, Dexcel’s Omeprazole OTC is sold in nearly every pharmacy chain across the US. The product continues to gain market share and produce year-over-year growth despite increased competition from new molecules hitting the OTC shelves.

In 2015, Dexcel’s Wildberry Mint Omeprazole OTC tablets were launched as an addition to the product line.

(Chlorhexidine Gluconate)

PerioChip® is an innovative, easy to apply, biodegradable chip containing 2.5 mg of chlorhexidine gluconate – a non antibiotic adjunct treatment to scaling and root planing (SRP) and is ideal for reducing pocket depth in patients with adult periodontitis.

PerioChip® is clinically effective and well tolerated in the treatment of periodontal pockets with depth of 5 mm and more.

Since launch, millions of chips have been administered by dental professionals across the globe, and our strong commitment to working closely with doctors and clinics helps them adopt PerioChip® into their practices as 1st line treatment for long-term growth.

PerioChip is manufactured in Israel and sold successfully in various countries around Europe, USA, Israel and the Asia- Pacific region.

Deximune® (Ciclosporin)

The Dexcel Pharma team of formulation experts developed Deximune® – a soft-gelatin capsule formulation bio-equivalent to Neoral®.

Deximune® is an immunosuppressant used following transplants and in the field of Dermatology.

Deximune® is licensed for all Ciclosporin indications and is sold in various European countries, Israel & Singapore.

A career at Dexcel

At Dexcel the success of our company and its employees are one. Excellence and professionalism prevail in everything we do. If you believe in creating a work environment where customers and employees are at all times equally valued and highly respected, and where fairness, teamwork and success abound, then we invite you to submit an application to work with us.

Strategic Investments

Roviant Sciences is a unique biopharmaceutical firm dedicated to realizing the full value of promising drug candidates by advancing them from late-stage clinical development to


Roviant Sciences is a unique biopharmaceutical firm dedicated to realizing the full value of promising drug candidates by advancing them from late-stage clinical development to

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